Cedric the Entertainer in, Code Name: The Cleaner

Markus created videogame-character versions of Cedric The Entertainer and a villain for the movie Code Name: The Cleaner. In the story, Cedric (as a spy) has a "Signature Move" that is his secret weapon - but he may just have copied it from a video game!
The characters were used in a mock video game setup in the film to illustrate the special move.

  Tech Notes
  • Markus used Maya to model and rig the Cedric character based on still images shot by the film production crew. The low-poly video-game look was key to the plot point in the movie.

  • The series of fight moves, defining cedric's signature move, were animated in Maya. Markus based the motion on multiple film references.

  • The villain and his weapon were also modeled after an actor with textures based on wardrobe clothing.

  • Markus created the textures using Photoshop

  • Two versions of the animation are featured below. One is the version as it appeared in the movie. The other is the complete signature move, in pre-shaded form.

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