Jäckel's Waschpark (Carwash)

Germans are passionate about their cars and about keeping them clean! Drive-through car washes are a very competitive business in Germany so to make their business card more appealing, Jäckel turned to Markus at Heinekampdesign to create an interactive, augmented reality card.

Image tracking was used as the AR technology for this card because the client wanted their customers to develop a positive, memorable connection between Jäckel's Waschpark business card and this engaging animation.

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Tech Notes
  • Using image-based tracking meant that neither AR Core nor AR Kit capable mobile devices are required to enjoy the augmented reality features this application uses.
  • Markus wrote a multi-pass shader, so that the car would be dull and dirty before passing through the brushes, but shiney and clean afterwards. This custom shader is vertex based to be efficient on even older mobile devices.
  • The animated wash brushes are also shader based. The mesh vertices are manipulated in real time so that as the brushes speed up or slow down they settle in a natural looking way. Animating the mesh vertices also kept the file size smaller than other techniques which makes this app fast to download and install.
  • Click on the logos (or scan the QR codes at the bottom) to visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and download your own AR experience
  • Once you have the app running on your mobile device, point your camera at this tracking image
  • You can point at the image right here on the screen, to see the car drive across your monitor!
  • Better yet, save and print the tracking image, then start the app and point your camera at the printed image to see the magic wherever you wish!

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