Christmas Card

As if the Christmas season wasn't enough fun already, Heinekampdesign sent their friends and clients this interactive, augmented card to spread even more joy than last year. This lovely card stands on its own, evoking the wonder of winter and Christmas magic shared with friends, but with added interactivity it reaches out to young and old alike.

To bring life to this card, Markus used image tracking as the AR technology since that insured that the card could be enjoyed by the widest range of mobile devices possible, including older, non AR capable phones and tablets. In addition to simply enjoying the tree and gifts, users also have the option to customize the tree with their own balance of decorations and colour to create a truely personal experience.

Scan these QR codes from your mobile device
and download your own AR Christmas Tree

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Tech Notes
  • Using image-based tracking means that neither AR Core nor AR Kit capable mobile devices are required to enjoy the augmented reality features of this Christmas card.
  • Tapping on the tree will knock off some ornaments! Markus created that effect using a particle system, (so no precious glass ornaments will be broken).
  • To evenly distribute ornaments on the tree (an annual decorating challenge!) Markus wrote a script to place them procedurally.
  • Click on the logos (or scan the QR codes at the bottom) to visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and download your own AR Christmas card.
  • Once you have the app running on your mobile device, save and print the Christmas card below, then start the app and point your camera at the printed card to feel the joy of Christmas anytime!
  • If you can't wait to print, and want some joy right now, click on the card graphic to open it in a new window and enjoy Christmas right on your screen. The tree will be sideways and while that won't dampen your spirits, be careful not to spill your eggnog!

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