The Wonderful World of Zoog Disney!

Meet the Zoogs! OK, you probably never did, unless you watched the Disney Channel in the U.S. some years back, in which case you might have seen Joe, Dotcom, Zoogina, Twitch or other Zoog characters acting as hosts, introducing shows or performing in interstitial spots.

Markus first met them when the Zoog characters became the hosts of two excellent trivia games from Disney Interactive, titled Zoog Genius Zoogina, Browser & Dotcom
Tech Notes
  • Although they were cel shaded in concept, the Zoog characters were full 3D models and were rendered using a custom toon shader that Markus created in Maya.
  • Markus used Maya to model, rig and animate the Dotcom, Zoogina, Browser and Twitch characters. The models were initially constructed using NURBS and then converted to polygons for rendering with a toon shader.
  • Click on one of the images below to see clips that Markus animated.
  • Dance! (4.5mb) You were saying? (4.3mb)


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