The Bobblehead

Sadly, this demo is not working. Unity driver obsolete.
Updates in progress 01/18

The Bobblehead Project: Kinetic Sculpture in the Virtual World.

Markus created all the elements of this project. After modeling the figure and vehicle, creating the textures and then rigging everything inside Unity, he wrote a simple AI to control the facial expressions of the bobblehead based on how bouncy the ride is. The bobbler likes it rough! If you would like to know more about this project, please email Markus at the address below.

The more he bobbles, the more he smiles! Switch on Cruise control then sit back and enjoy the happiness of the Buddha. Press the other buttons to get a closer view or see the poly edge layout. The arrow key will also move the car forward.

"I love physics. From running water to tumbling dice, from racing cars to projectile weapons, the unfolding of events based on natural physics has a deep rooted appeal. I think this is the reason that the idea of a bobblehead interested me and so this project has become a chance for me to have some fun while getting into areas of Unity that my regular client work might not taken me." MT


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