Rock Farm Computer Graphics

Rock Farm is the studio of Markus Tessmann, who has been creating computer graphics since back when Ray Tracing was the hot new thing. This long experience has enabled Markus to earn credits in both games and film and become an expert in the major disciplines of 3D computer graphics production.

Markus is proficient with software including Maya, 3DS Max, and the Adobe Suite. He has also developed tools, pipelines and effects using C#, Python, javaScript, HLSL, GraphicsMagick and more. His experience with game engines ranges from Unity and Unreal to custom engines for PC, consoles and mobile.

Markus also loves to introduce new artists to the exciting CG world. He has developed curricula and taught courses at schools including UBC, The Art Institute and The Vancouver Film School.

When not indulging his passion for computer graphics, Markus takes time to sing and play the mandolin.

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Please follow the links below, to see samples of Markus Tessmann's work.

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