Almost no project is completed before Markus has written a utility to wrestle useful results from enigmatic data!


=================================== Happy Birthday Rigel!
VR Birthday Card for Google Cardboard style viewers with a bluetooth game controller.
The link will download an Android APK file.

Party on Wayne!
=================================== Mobile Dungeon Shader
The mobile game platform requires efficient shaders to achieve high quality results.

Go Rogue!
=================================== Virtual Kinetic Sculpture
The powerful Unity game engine made Markus' dream of a bobblehead selfie a reality!

Shake things up
=================================== Treasure Hunter
A simple AI enthusiastically searches a cave for treasure.

Treasure awaits...
=================================== Lunar Lander
This homage to the classic video game was built entirely using particle systems.

Are you ready Major Tom?
=================================== Starting with the basics
Markus first used a Commodore 64 computer and the BASIC language to generate images and games, when sprite was a new word.

* 10 begin
=================================== Global Game Jam 2014
This wild weekend was a great chance to get together with other game creators for 48 hours of client-free inspiration and creativity!

The Elder Strolls
=================================== Treasure Hunt: The Game
To place hundreds of coins, gems and other treasures throughout the environment, Markus used MEL scripts and particle data.

Explore the depths
=================================== The Muppets Wizard of Oz
On this Muppet feature, Markus created particle effects and integrated mocap data for the many incarnations of the wizard.

Follow the yellow brick road.
=================================== Dark Waters / Eaux Trouble
Seen from the victim's POV, this title scene required particle effects and compositing of 3D rendered elements.

Investigate the Dark Waters
=================================== About this site
Markus built and maintains the Rock Farm web site.

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