Markus Tessmann has created shaders for a wide variety of rendering environments, from Mental Ray to WebGL to Unity.


=================================== Mobile Dungeon Shader
The mobile game platform requires efficient shaders to achieve high quality results.

Go Rogue!
=================================== Augmented Business Card
Fast shaders, for surface effects and mesh animation, make this AR car wash really shine

Clean up
=================================== The Muppets Wizard of Oz
On this Muppet feature, Markus created complex shaders and lighting for the many incarnations of the wizard.

Follow the yellow brick road.
=================================== Treasure Hunt: iOS Game
Surface art for ships, terrain, plants and treasure was created for this SCUBA diving game for the iOS.

Explore the depths
=================================== The Need For Speed
As the Lead Artist on this original game, Markus developed a special mapping technique to create high detail textures on low poly cars.

Take a test drive
=================================== Zoog Disney
Markus created a custom toon shader to render Disney's Zoogs for games and TV.

Tune in to the Zoogs
=================================== Normal Mapping
Valuable insights about normal maps are available on Markus's teaching page.

Normals 101


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