Markus animated characters and environments for the projects featured below


=================================== Postal: The Movie
A female pedestrian was rigged and animated for a horrific incident in the movie Postal

Road rage up close
=================================== Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Markus lead a team to animate Buzz, Mira and the Star Command gang for Disney Interactive

To Infinity, and beyond!
=================================== GI Joe: Valour vs. Venom
Markus acted out the drama of villians and heroes in scenes from the movie GI Joe: Valour vs. Venom.

Save the World!
=================================== Pacific Hold'em Poker
Markus animated a poker player for this Lotto BC online poker game.

Deal me in!
=================================== Spy Kids 3D: Game Over
Arnold, Juni and Carmen were textured and animated for game sprites and scenes in the computer game.

Sneak into the Spy Kids page
=================================== Zoog Disney
Markus animated Disney's Zoog characters for use in computer games and on TV.

Tune in to the Zoogs


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