Postal: The Movie

In this scene from Postal, an unfortunate woman gets in the way of the lead character's bad day! Markus built the female model, rigged her, and then animated her for this scene.

pedestrian hit by 3 cars Pedestrian model

Tech Notes
  • Technicolor quickly ruled out using motion capture for this project! Ragdoll physics couldn't give the director what was needed either, since the physics are impossible in this shot. Markus was called upon to create this entire scene.
  • The 3D elements of this project were created using Maya software. Markus modeled the woman and her accessories based on photos taken on-set during filming.
  • Markus created a rig suitable for the range of motion and type of actions the pedestrian needed and made her tumble through the air and bounce off of the vehicles.
  • Individual plates, for the background and vehicles, were assembled in post to match the timing of the animation that Markus created

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