Lotto BC: Pacific Hold'em Video Poker

Pacific Hold'em Poker can be played online or at local pubs in British Columbia!

Image Engine in Vancouver asked Markus to animate the poker player on the left, creating various gestures that would help define the character during the game.

Markus modelled the female character below from a design supplied by Image Engine and then handed her back for rigging and texturing.  

Tech Notes
  • Markus modelled Cynthia, the female character shown here, using polygons and NURBS tools. UV layout was also completed before handing the model back to Image Engine for rigging.
  • Markus created a series of animations for the poker player character, Jeremy (far left), using a rig provided by Image Engine. Each animation returns to a Zero pose.
  • Two of Jeremy's idle moves are shown in the movie below.
  • small file


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