Buzz Lightyear & Mira Nova of Star Command

Buzz and Mira are the Space Rangers from Disney's Star Command who are on a mission to find the evil Emperor Zurg! The characters and animation shown here were created for the games "Disney Learning - 2nd & 3rd Grade", and served to establish the story background for interactive learning.

Tech Notes
  • Markus modelled and rigged the characters Buzz Lightyear, Mira Nova, and Commander Nebula. The models are constructed using NURBS and polygons including multiple facial targets for animating expressions and lip sync.
  • The character Mira Nova was first introduced in the cel animated TV series, Disney's Star Command. Markus translated the 2D cartoon character design into a 3D rigged model, which was used in the computer game.
  • Markus also animated these characters to be used as isometric sprites. During gameplay, the player guides Buzz around to complete various tasks.
  • The rigs that Markus built were used in dozens of scenes by animators at Disney Interactive and at external studios doing work on the Buzz Learning titles.
  • The scenes featured below were animated by Markus.
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