Markus has modeled architecture, environments, vehicles, characters and countless bits of flotsam and jetsam.


==================================== Hard Rock Mine
World domination takes resources and this rock mine makes sure the Kingdom has all it needs!

Mine for stone
==================================== Treasure Hunt: The Game
Multiple undersea environments were modeled and textured for this SCUBA diving game for the iOS.

Explore the depths
=================================== The Need For Speed
Markus was the Lead Artist on the original Electronic Arts driving game and created all the sports cars and traffic vehicles.

Take a test drive
=================================== Get Bombed
Modifying a terrain mesh in real-time.

Bombs Away
=================================== Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
While Senior Artist at Disney Interactive, Markus modeled Buzz, Mira and the Star Command gang.

To Infinity, and beyond!
=================================== Pacific Hold'em Poker
Markus Modeled a player and a dealer for this Lotto BC online poker game.

Deal me in!
=================================== Figure Modeling
Markus has shared his approach to human figure modelling on his teaching page.

Human Figure 101
=================================== Ultimate Engineering
This documentary series, about modern feats of engineering, required technical models and map illustrations.

Engineer a visit


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