Real-time Mesh Deformation

Click on the landscape to drop the active bomb.
Bomb strengths vary as indicated at the top right.

User-driven mesh modifications present challenges and opportunities in game design. Markus build this prototype using C# and shaders to explore this idea. The results shown here feature many powerful concepts.

Note that the terrain model used here is a fixed landscape mesh generated using a 3rd party terrain generator and is not a feature of this demo.

  • Meshes are updated in real-time and changes can be saved and reloaded without affecting framerate. The modified mesh doesn't need to be saved, just the mesh modifier (the bombs, in this prototype)
  • An additional UV channel is created and UVs laid out to carry the new texture (the bomb crater) and blended back to the original UV texture.
  • Although the steps above are computationally quite expensive, the work is distributed over a few frames so that this prototype is performant, even on mobile devices!
  • This same idea could be used to damage vehicles, dig trenches or build walls!

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